Company Responsibility

Markslöjd actively working with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), including through the use of codes of conduct.

Since the year 2007 is Markslöjd member of the organization BSCI where common codes are used against members' suppliers. In this way Markslöjd take responsibility and maintain that our demands are met by our suppliers.

The codes of conduct which poses demands on the following areas:

  • Health and safety at workplace
  • Prohibition of child labor and forced labor
  • Environmental and safety aspects
  • Working hours
  • Compensation
  • The right to engage in trade unions and collective bargaining

For more information on the BSCI and its codes of conduct can be found on

Markslöjds Environmental Policy

Markslöjd want to work for the sustainable development and achieve both ecological and economic success, so we want:

  • through our environmental efforts to reduce our negative environmental aspects through continuous improvement and prevention of pollution to the environment
  • Always aim to use resources in a sustainable manner and efficiency of our use of resources
  • that the development and manufacture of our products, opportunities and risks are addressed from an environmental perspective
  • take advantage of employee engagement in environmental
  • of course comply with relevant environmental legislation and regulations and other requirements that the company affected by
  • The right to engage in trade unions and collective bargaining

These commitments must Markslöjd able to offer its customers a product that is made resource-efficient and good social conditions

Candidate list

Following items contains lead (Pb) over 0,1 weight%. Lead is included on the candidate list in REACH and classed as a SVHC.
Under normal conditions of use of these items it is not expected to pose a significant risk to human health or the environment.
Click here to see the list. 


We are working with Elkretsen to tighten up the handling of "Waste Electrical". Click here to see Elkretsen information page.

Save Energy and Money

The lighting industry has been in collaboration with Elkretsen created a site where the latest news on everything that shines is presented. Click here to go to

In Energy Agency to get lots of great tips on how to save energy and money! Click here to go to the Energy Agency's information page.

Markslöjd Recommanded ENERGY SAVING OPTIONS

Switch off the bulb with energy efficient alternatives. A compact fluorescent lamp saves 80% energy compared to regular incandescent light and life expectancy is 10 times longer. CFLs, while providingsmall amount of mercury and therefore it is important that they be submitted to the municipality's collection of electronic waste as light bulbs and other lighting. It would obviously be desirable for energy saving was completely free from mercury, but the use of CFLs reduces however the amount of mercury would be emitted at eltillverkning if we continued to use light bulbs.

(Source Energy Agency, 2009)

Another option is the energy efficient LED lights (LEDs) which are developing rapidly and that will be great even within the household lighting with extremely low wattage and long life.

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